Use This tutorial, No-need-jailbreak version bot have auto-lock screen function. You need open [lock screen] button in bot and set sleep seconds like 900. And set 30 seconds auto lock screen in Settings App of device (iPad set 2 minitues). Don’t set unlock password.

If you don’t need auto-lock screen function, this tutorial can avoid game crash too. iPhone6 and other former devices,RAM is lower than 1G,game will crash when search times more than 400 or 500.

If your device is iOS 11 and before, you can jailbreak it and install jailbreak version of Bot, which will auto-launch game after game crash and keep running. Other iOS device which can’t jailbreak can use this shortcut. 

1. Search and install Shortcuts app from App Store ( iOS 13+ system already have Shotcuts app ) 

2. After installed it, open it and click begin to use it.Then tap link to get our shortcut to use. 

Click me to see the guide video

If your device will not auto light up after running shortcut, please try backup shortcut. We provide two shortcut here.

3. Click button to get shortcut ( If iOS 13+, you should go to Settings of system, then open settings of shortcuts app, open “download untrusted shortcut” button first. Click me to see the guide video . If you can’t see it, just create a new simple shortcut and run it. Then you the button will show itself. After click, it will go to Shortcuts and wait seconds, our shortcut will be downloaded. )

4. Its name is COC Help

5. Open COC game and run Bot, then press home button to desktop and open Shortcut, click this button 

6. run our shortcut, then it will auto open game. Let Bot run. Shortcuts will play a little sound, you can mute the device or plug in a headphone. 

7. Click here to stop shortcut when you need to stop it. If you want shortcut lock screen to sleep more time on iOS 12 device, change the 100 times in the middle of COC Help shortcut to 200 times, then it will lock screen 10 minutes. On iOS 13+ device, shortcut can’t and no need to be modified .

Just run shortcut and bot both, open [lock screen] switch in the [special settings] of bot and set [sleep seconds] like 900, bot will auto-lock screen when waiting for troops and auto-unlock screen to campaign again.