Clash of Clans Bot 口袋辅助

Clash of Clans Bot 口袋辅助

部落冲突 iOS 免越狱(可锁屏) 辅助下载方法

请用苹果系统自带的 safari 浏览器访问本网址才能下载



若进游戏后看不到辅助按钮,要上滑手势条(按两下home键),打开后台列表,上滑关闭游戏,再打开游戏,如此3次,游戏里会有辅助按钮出现,点辅助按钮有设置界面, 自动有2小时试用。



国际服部落冲突支持supercell ID账号和苹果ID账号


Clash of Clans iOS Bot , No-Need-Jailbreak ! Free Trial !

delete the official game before you can download it successfully. It does not affect your original village.

After downloading the Bot, log in to your account and all your friends will be there.

After clicking the download button, please return to the desktop and wait for the application to finish downloading.

After the desktop software is downloaded, click on system settings, click on [General], click on [Device Management], and click trust to enter the game.

If you cannot see the Bot button after entering the game, swipe up the gesture bar (press the home button twice), open the background list, swipe up to close the game, and then open it again. Do this 3 times and there will be an Bot button in the game.

Click on the Bot button to have a setting interface. It has a 2-hour trial automatically.



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