Due to Chinese Version COC can not Log In Apple ID or Supercell ID account anymore, there are 2 ways to install COC Bot (No-Need-Jaibreak Version)

1. Free way to install Bot use Windows Computer or Mac:

1.1 : download our Bot ipa file on use Windows Computer or Mac : https://cocdna.com/cocjap.ipa

ipa file should not be unzip. Don’t unzip it.

1.2 : download sideloadly from: https://sideloadly.io/#download

then see the video : How to use sideloadly to install ipa to you iOS device.

If you encountered sideloadly error: Guru Meditation see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5OYdVEoJ9A

and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti4hsNvWd_0

This way need you re-sign ipa file every 7 days.

2 . Not Free way to install Bot:

International version COC Bot need to pay $9 to make your 1 iOS device get 1 year download privilege , which can let you download COC Bot ( No-Need-Jailbreak Version ) directly from our web site to this iOS device. And no need any more fee in 1 year, you can re-download update freely in 1 year.

Purchase $9 From Here: https://cocdna.com/ppbuy

After Paying $9 , we will send you a download code and web site address to download Bot. Please use your device which will use Bot to download Bot, it will automatically bind your device UUID. New device will need another $9 to get new download code.

After downlaod you will get 2 hours free trial. Then Bot CDKEY need be input into Bot for further usage. CDKEY can be purchased from https://cocdna.com/ppbuy

CDKEY can be input to different device’s Bot , only if you have installed Bot already.

2022/5/15 Update : iPhone need 24 – 72 hours to wait Apple’s processing and then you can download Bot. iPad can download Bot without wait .

After installed, if button of bot is hiding, you need tap home button twice to open background app list and kill game , re-open game, and repeat 4 times. Then bot button will show in game.